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Youngstown Student Says “Released Time is the Best thing That’s Ever Happened to Me!”

Thanks to Paris Yanno of Youngstown’s Superkids Thrive released time Bible education program, for sharing this sweet story of a student who has been changed by Jesus!

Youngstown Metropolitan Schools Released Time Bible Education – Celebrating Christmas with a Little Fun!

These are the words that young Devonte shared with me. Devonte started coming to Superkids Thrive last year. Soon, he was asking to come to our church (where released time is held during the school day) on Sundays and Wednesday nights, too. You see, Devonte – like many others – doesn’t have parents who take him to church. Devonte was like a sponge soaking up everything he could about God. One Wednesday night, I picked him up and noticed he was sad. I asked him what was wrong and he said his mom was moving them and he wouldn’t be able to come to church or released time any more. My heart was just broken because I knew how much he loved released time and church.

Well, it just so happened that he ended up moving about 30 minutes away to Warren, where Pastor Bob – who teaches in our Youngstown schools released time program – lives and serves as a pastor. Soon, Devonte was being picked up regularly by Pastor Bob to go to his church in Warren, where his new church family has embraced him. He is a part of their boys’ discipleship program called Royal Rangers and has Godly men speaking into his life.

I realized that God cares and loves Devonte even more than I do and God used Released Time in his life to plant a seed of faith and bring him into a relationship with Jesus Christ – but now, others are watering that seed. Children like Devonte are looking for love, hope and truth. That is exactly why we do what we do.”

Source: WECARE


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