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Tips on Teaching Truth and Making it Fun

Post submitted by Becky Ehrman, WyandotCARES, Upper Sandusky, Ohio

“We must teach the truth! We must make it fun!”

I was both encouraged and exhorted by Mary Swartzentruber’s passionate challenge to teachers at this year’s RTBE conference. Mary, along with Breakaway’s Carolyn Baer and Ellen Nikkel, led a workshop entitled “Curriculum that Meets the Mark: Creating Lessons with Truth, Fun & Purpose.”

For Released Time teachers, curriculum is always a challenge.

This dynamic team of experienced educators helped us understand the importance of setting goals and teaching to those goals. Carolyn explained this as the concept of “backloading,” or what School Ministries refers to as “Suggested Curriculum Outcomes.” Ellen walked us through several lessons implementing some of those outcomes, and Mary shared games and activities that keep the students engaged. I was inspired to take a deeper look at my own lessons and make sure I’m teaching truth in fun ways and with purpose.


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