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Shopping Trip Becomes Education Opportunity

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

You never know where opportunities to share about Released Time are going to pop up!

Recently, while in line buying a couple of calendars for the ministry, the cashier asked me if it was legal to teach Bible classes in public schools. In explaining that it had to be offsite, with parental permission and without use of any tax dollars, the person in line behind me asked if we were talking about the local program here in Wyandot County. It turned out to be a great conversation where one more person got in the “know”.

Everyone interested in Released Time Bible Education – leaders, volunteers, and those that are ministry partners — have everyday opportunities to educate people about Released Time: We have resources to help you spread the news to those you run into. How can you be prepared to share about RTBE?

  1. Having informative brochures about School Ministries Ohio and business cards with our Director’s name and phone number – send an email to Lydia to request these.

  2. Knowing our website:

  3. Encouraging purchase of an E-book:  Community Support: How RTBE Arrives, Survives and Thrives in our website shop

  4. Having a Frequently Asked Questions Sheet: Print from our FAQ page

  5. Referring to the Keeping it Legal booklet  ($5)

Support our ministry in prayer and by giving (we are 100% funded by generous gifts of those who take part and believe in what we are doing!)

Contact us today to request items you may want to carry with you to be ready in season and out (2 Tim. 4:2). Email us at to get started!



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