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He Wasn’t Sure. How One Released Time Teacher Played Part in God’s Plan for Five Student

By Gail Wright, Teacher with Breakaway

Thurs., Nov. 16 was a very wonderful day at Breakaway!

As we continued our study on the prophets, this day was all about Isaiah. The fourth grade class took turns reading from the Bible about Isaiah and the vision he had of God seated on his throne. We also talked about some of the other great passages in his book, including a portion of Isaiah 53 describing Jesus.

I like to interact with the kids as I teach so there were comments and questions all going on. After I made the comment speaking of the coming servant who would save the people from their sins, one boy raised his hand and asked if he could do that. I questioned, have you not asked Jesus to be your Savior?

He wasn’t sure. 

I thought he should know without a doubt that he was saved from his sins. At that point, I asked if anyone else wanted to do that as well. Three other boys and one girl also raised their hands.

I had them stand up and I led them through a prayer to receive Jesus!

The entire time I was aware that God was in that place and was moving on their hearts. As I looked to the back of the room, there was my friend, Norma with tears welled up in her eyes. We were so blessed by what God did on that day. We gave each of the children an age appropriate booklet that explains what they just did. They signed the last page and dated it as their spiritual birthday. What a joy to be a part of what God is doing at Breakaway!


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